Professional Service

Our field staff are polite and courteous. They work hard to keep your property and the surrounding areas as clean as possible. For any project that we complete we ensure that your property and neighbouring properties are being respected. We have a reputation for taking due diligence by keeping everyone as happy as possible during the construction phase. We advice and direct customers to city reference sites for any parking or any other by-law concerns.

Consultation Details

A Step Above Landscaping offers a high quality product and great service at a reasonable price. We deliver value by designing and building landscapes that are functional, beautiful and long lasting. We use quality materials and cutting edge installation techniques to ensure the long term viability of your investment. Above all this, we are a reputable company offering a professional service. We will now outline the specifics of many of these points.

What to expect during you initial consultation

The goal of the initial consultation is to gather enough information to prepare a quote for construction of the project or a quote for design services if required. For straightforward projects where the client has a good idea of what they are looking for, we are able to take basic measurements and prepare a computerized concept design on the spot. Only with a design are we able to provide an accurate quote. Any quote that is prepared without some form of design or specifications creates the opportunity for disagreements between the contractor and the client. The design specifies the size and orientation of all required landscape elements. From this design (time permitting), we will prepare a quotation including all the elements discussed. The quote will be completely itemized so that each element will be listed independently. Any quote item listed as an upgrade is an additional cost to the item that precedes it. All material selections and colour recommendations are provided at the beginning of the quote. The colour of hardscape product has no impact on the costs of the project. Our quotes are very thorough and often include elements that other contractors may have overlooked. This is why we guarantee no surprises during the construction process. If additional elements are required, such as an extra step or a small retaining wall that was not listed in a design that we prepared, it will be built at no additional cost to you. However if you request extra services beyond the scope of work listed in the quote, these services will be completed on a time and materials basis.